President 2012, Patriot or Puppet for billionaires - Tamarac

President 2012, Patriot or Puppet for billionaires — Tamarac

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Just wanted you to know that I am a candidate for president and I have a book out, on Amazon, titled President 2012, Patriot or Puppet for billionaires. My author's page is:

I have a link to a review of my book that includes the index of my book in this blog:


I have only one thing in common with a gentleman by the name of Ralph Nader, who I, as well as most see him as a crank, wacko nutjob and that is, he did not and  I shall not take money from groups and I will be, beholden to no one or no special interest  to get elected. I shall not seek nor shall I accept donations from billionaire sugar daddies. My plan to save our country is written in my book, hope and change you have no idea about and it clearly will not satisfy the forty nine percent who don’t pay taxes, nor will it satisfy those who count on loop holes to not pay taxes. Our country comes first.  Here is to you my fellow Americans, together we stand and divided we fail. My intention is the transform liberals and far right wingers to think a new way.


Looking forward to speaking with you and hope that you always remember that government should use the letters in the word: THINK the following way:

T=is it true as well a tough? 
H=is it helpful without being a handout?
 I=is it inspiring to such an extent that it makes people want to succeed? 
N=is it necessary and following our Constitution?
K=is it kind without removing self-achievement.

When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.

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